High Pressure Drain Cleaning & Camera Inspections

There are a number of ways one can unblock your drain, most common form of this is with drain rods with a plunger or root cutter at the end of each rod, the other form we use is the high pressure jet machine for the more stubborn blockages. With a 80m hose real with 7 high pressure water jets attached we almost certain to unblock your drain. We also offer a high quality drain camera inspection to see why your sewer pipes keep blocking up. The drain camera can go down the sewer line to 40m and record exactly what the cause of your blockages are.

Bathroom Renovations

We do full bathroom renovations for your house. All you need from us so please call us for a quote.

Geyser Installations

Installations can vary from 10lt under counter geyser all the way up to 300lt geysers. We install geysers from high pressure to low pressure depending on the findings in your house or to satisfy your exact needs. This also includes copper, steel and fiberglass geysers.

Geyser Timers

Save money and electricity when installing a geyser timer for your geyser. The timers comes with 4 different time settings for the week and 4 different settings for the weekend. Each time can be set to come on exactly when you need or want hot water and automatically switch off once the geyser has reach the set temperature. The timer also comes with a bypass switch which you can use at anytime of the day just in case you want to have a bath or shower outside of your set times.

Leaking Taps

Don't waste water on your dripping or leaking taps, we offer to replace all types of tap or service taps and replace taps when needed.

Burst Pipes

No pipe is to big or small for us to repair, no matter if it's in the wall or under ground we are the guys to get the job done. We also offer repiping of your old pipes in and around your house.

All General Plumbing

Give us a call for any plumbing problem you have, from toilets to geyser to solar and heat pumps. We are the guys for the job.

Solar Panels & Heat Pumps

We do Pool, Solar and Heat pump installations.